Background information and conference partners

Conference Host

About SPOR Primary and Integrated Health Care Initiative

The host of this event is the Saskatchewan branch of the national Strategy for Patient Oriented Research (SPOR) Primary and Integrated Health Care Initiative (PIHCI) Network. SPOR PIHCI is an initiative of the Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) to promote and support patient-centred research that addresses the front-line challenges facing primary health care. Working with similar networks across Canada, we link patients and researchers to build interjurisdictional partnerships and research.

Why a Conference on Health System Integration?


In Saskatchewan, a single health region was created in 2017 and is rolling out. Creating an effective functioning system is the pre-eminent health goal in the province so Saskatchewan SPOR PIHCI responded by working with health system leaders to bridge research to practice. A Saskatchewan-specific SPOR PIHCI Health System Integration Seminar was held in November 2018 and identified many of the issues in this agenda. Combined with feedback from colleagues from coast to coast, the SPOR PIHCI Health System Integration Summit was created to support and share solutions across the country.

    For more information about Saskatchewan SPOR PIHCI and PIHCI networks across Canada, please visit the national website.